Mexican Cheap Eats

464 Bridge Road
Ph: 9429 7133

There are so many ways to enjoy an incredibly cheap meal at Montezuma’s. On this particular occasion, dining with mum and SM, we used my “buy one get one free” voucher from the Entertainment Book; but every time I go to the supermarket the shop-a-docket offers me the same voucher. Montezuma’s provide vouchers for half price nachos on their website, and different specials five nights a week.

Mum and I started the night off with margaritas, apparently the second best in Australia; they were so tangy and salty and for $9 it’s an excellent value cocktail (even more so if you come on one of the nights when they’re half price!)

Mum and I had the same dish (#6 Burrito – wheat tortilla with sour cream and your choice of filling, baked in the oven); we both chose the vegetarian option which was filled with beans, rice and cheese and served with rice, beans and olives.

This is a favourite of mine; I’ve ordered it a couple of times here. The sweet black olives on top are a nice touch; I like to take them off and save them till last. Perhaps some more sour cream would be nice, as the first time I ordered this I discovered when they say “with sour cream” on the menu it means within the actual torilla, blended in with everything else, so you don’t really get that lovely cool cream cutting through all the other flavours. As you can see from the photo the sides of the burrito were a bit burnt too.

Chilli Con Carne, $9.95
I also had takeaway from Montezuma’s last week and the dish actually held up suprisingly well. I chose the Montezuma’s Delight (A corn tostada smothered with frijoles, cheddar, heaped with a diced vegetable salad, ranchero sauce, sour cream, topped with sweet black olives; $13.95 for the vegetarian option) and thought that with all that sour cream and mushy frijoles it might turn into a soggy mess, but the corn tostada still had a bit of crunch when I finally got to the bottom of the massive aluminium takeaway container.
Montezuma’s Richmond offers a different special over five nights of the week:
Monday: $3 tacos
Wednesday: Half price margaritas
Friday: Half price margaritas from 6pm-7pm
Saturday: Half price margaritas from 5.30pm-6.30pm
Sunday: Kids eat free


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