An update on Demitri’s Feast

Demitri’s Feast
141 Swan Street
Richmond 3121
Ph: (03) 9428 8659
Reading through the very extensive coverage of Richmond on Eat (Almost) Anything at Least Once, I stumbled across a review of Demitri’s Feast, a cafe whose reviews I am always interested to read as I had such a strange, inconsistent experience there. This is post is a comparison, just for interest’s sake, of two examples of the same dish. Check out Haalo’s experience of Demitri’s, and contrast it with what I was served when I ordered the same item:

The dish that Bf received: apparently the same dish, but presented in an appalling manner, unlike the neat, clean stack Haalo was served, and we assume the kitchen ran out of the lokaniko sausage as there were a few pieces but most of the meat served was bacon. (This was not explained to us at all when the waitress delivered the meal).


Finding Haalo’s post was very interesting for me as I had already observed that Demitri’s delivered a few great dishes, but failed to keep up that same high standard. It’s just incredible to me that the same dish can be served to two customers so differently – one presented quite nicely in a stack and the other, an unappealing mess – within the space of less than a month.


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