A misleading first impression at Bendigo Street Milk Bar

Bendigo Street Milk Bar 

37 Bendigo Street 

Richmond 3121 

Ph: 03 9428 4196 





I love discovering cafes in little suburban streets, especially when they’re only a few blocks away from my little suburban street, so it was with great happiness that I stumbled across this “Milk Bar” on the way home from a walk around the Yarra. Sweaty and wearing trackies and runners, I thought I’d come back on the weekend for a relaxing breakfast instead. 




By the time Bf and I got organised to leave the house breakfast had turned into lunch, so we strolled over in the sunshine and opted to sit in air-conditioned comfort inside. Bendigo Street has a small section out the front for outdoor dining, and a few tables for two or four inside, but the focus is on big, communal tables. It was dead inside; Bf and I were the only patrons for our whole visit, apart from a few workers from the Channel 9 studios across the road who came  for a coffee fix. 




First impressions were great. The room is gorgeous; a mix of gourmet products, small shelves stocked with household basics, and a display cabinet at the counter filled with delicious, fresh-looking wraps and rolls. Even cuter is the little bowl of diced lemon slice by the cash register; Bf and I snacked on this while we waited for our meals and it is fantastic. The cashier/barista was very pleasant, and as we sat at our table facing a beautiful open view of Bendigo Street, I was so excited at the prospect of having found a gorgeous little cafe so close to home. 




Please excuse the reflection! 




Bf and I both ordered big strawberry milk shakes. I thought they were fine but Bf thought they were incredibly weak; then again he does like his milkshakes stronger than most.






Club sandwich with chips and salad, $13.90 


After I had talked up club sandwiches to Bf, we were both very disappointed with what arrived. First of all, where was the good old regular bread? I love a turkish, panini style roll but a sandwich was what I was after. Secondly, where were the three layers of bread, one of the key, deliciously high carb features I had told Bf about? I am a traditionalist; I like my club sandwiches stacked three layers high and cut into quarters. Instead of good old mayo, the tough bit of chicken was smothered in sweet chili sauce. It was absolutely drenched and I removed it from the sandwich. I realised, I was now left with some lettuce and bacon, and a bit of tomato. It wasn’t a club sandwich; it was a dodgy BLT. Where was the cheese? More importantly, where was the salad that was advertised as an accompaniment? When I questioned the waitress and pointed out the menu claimed it came with “chips and salad”, she mumbled “oh… it’s like… it’s in the sandwich”. If I knew from the beginning it was a club with chips that would have been fine, but I can’t stand misleading advertisements. 


What a shame. Such promise at first; the food and the waitress just let it down. I haven’t totally given up on this little cafe – although Bf has – I think I’ll be back to try the breakfast menu. It’s basic – all the usuals like eggs Benedict and bircher muesli – but I can’t quite give up on this little local just yet.


3 thoughts on “A misleading first impression at Bendigo Street Milk Bar

  1. Disappointing! Is there anywhere that you would recommend for a good club sandwich? They seem to be so hit and miss.. and I’m yet to find a definite hit.

  2. Hmmm. I know I’ve had a few fantastic club sandwiches but they were before I started this blog so I can’t remember where I was… perhaps this can be a new quest for me, because I was so disappointed by this and I’d love to find a reliable one. I’ll keep you posted!

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