Hospitality school drop out.





I dropped out.


Well, that’s not totally correct. I have deferred my studies at William Angliss – I was completing the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management. I’m keeping my options open, but to be honest, I’m fairly sure I won’t go back. The people in the course were absolutely fantastic, as were the majority of my teachers, but I felt the content was much too broad and didn’t focus very much on the management side of things. Also, the course catered for people who had never worked in hospitality, or who weren’t really sure what they wanted to do as a career. Therefore there were lots of times when I felt, in some subjects, that we were just sort of floating, going over the same things, without the course developing as the semester progressed.


It’s a really strange feeling, dropping out of something, because generally once I’ve started something I like to finish it. I couldn’t wait to finish high school, but there was no way I was going to drop out before I’d finished my VCE. But I’m leaving to pursue other things; I’ve realised that writing, in particular writing this blog, is my real passion, and I guess the main purpose of this post – besides being a bit of a personal farewell to William Angliss, the school that I was so excited to attend – is to get some conversation going about food writing, and food writing courses. Has anyone completed one, or heard about one that sounds worthwhile? I know Lisa Dempster completed one at the University of Adelaide that sounds quite interesting. If you’ve done a food writing course, what did you think? Did you feel it really equiped you with some more skills as a writer?


I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂



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