A mad keen foodie does the Lemon Detox Diet

It’s been a full on, stressful couple of months, as my lack of posts here would suggest. With my current hectic schedule eating well – actually, eating at all, sometimes – has fallen by the wayside. Feeling sluggish I decided it was time for dramatic action, a plan to kick start weight loss and encourage healthier eating. Being impatient, I chose the most dramatic, quick fix option: The Lemon Detox Diet.

Day one was a breeze. I started on a Sunday so was at home all day relaxing, actually enjoying the taste of the 2 litres of brown lemony liquid I needed to consume. I didn’t need to be alert or focused on work so it was a great day to start.

Day 2 was my first day at work on the detox and, as the girls at The Detox Clinic warned me, some people weren’t so keen on the idea of no solids for 7 days. I’d been told by Jacqui from the clinic that some of her friends stopped speaking to her after she did the detox, and I was amazed to see that some people reacted in a similar way, although not quite so extreme. People were disappointed in me, thought I was silly, waved their lunches in my face. It got a little tiring after a while but watching people eat fried food and loads of  carbs just made me more motivated to keep going.

After a couple of days, however, those carbs started sounding pretty good, and it was at a staff lunch at Seven:am on Wednesday that I began to crave all things bready – toasted sandwiches and smoked salmon and cream cheese on turkish bread was all I could think of.

If you drink the full 2 litres of lemony liquid, it’s true: you won’t be hungry. The huge challenge of this diet is entirely mental. Some people just see food as fuel and those people would find this diet a breeze; someone who loves smell and flavour and texture and the experience of food as much as I do will find it challenging. Up until the fifth day I had found drinking the mixture easy, but by Thursday I was struggling, perhaps because I was just sick of the taste and the furry feeling all that acidic lemon left on my teeth. That’s the other killer about this diet: your breath will stink. For the first few days I thought my partner had really terrible breath and was blaming the smell on him, until I realised it was me. Fabulous, especially in my customer service-based role. Chewing gum and mouthwash were my best friends.

As much as I love beautiful, fresh, clean healthy food for the way it makes me feel, I’m also a major sucker for a burger and fries, but surprisingly these cravings didn’t cross my mind more than a few times. I actually mostly found myself alternating between craving four bean mix, canned salmon and fresh steamed fish. On the last day I craved Greek meatballs, but that was as heavy as it got: no rich pepper steak or creamy pasta desires.

As the week went on my colleagues began commenting on my noticable weight loss and I could feel a huge difference when I put on my uniform each day. By Sunday morning, my first day back on solid foods, I had lost 4 kilos. My weight didn’t just come off the obvious areas that bloat such as the stomach – my arms and legs had visibly leaned up.

The Lemon Detox Diet is challenging, but a huge part of it is battling the boredom that comes with not eating beautiful food. By the last day, I felt fantastic and could have continued on for the ten days that some people complete – but the thought of my veggie and lentil soup was too appealing. It’s tough but absolutely something I would do again, less for weight loss and more as a kick start to healthy eating. One thing to remember though; that lack of solid food can lead to grumpiness, even if you don’t realise you’re feeling it.  

This detox gives you a lot of time to think about the crap you consume and perhaps cutting back on it, and it is a really inspiring and motivating time to develop a healthy eating plan. With all the spare time I had because I wasn’t cooking, I planned healthy meal options for each part of the day and will be testing out the recipes here. The challenge now will just be keeping this weight off!   

You can read more about the Lemon Detox Diet at http://www.lemondetox.com.au/





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