C’est Bon: French, family food

It was a good sign, the two French diners who were enthusiastically tucking into their meals as we sat down at the table next to them. This, I hoped, was an indication that tonight’s dinner at C’est Bon would be hearty, authentic, comforting French food. We certainly were not disappointed by the food served up by chef and owner of C’est Bon Port Melbourne, Amelie Bonnet, the cute, young daughter of chef Michele Bonnet, whose picture is plastered across the C’est Bon website. She, the restaurant states, is “The new face of old-fashioned French”.

Gnocchi au potiron – home made pumpkin and sage gnocchi with a mushroom sauce, topped with blue vein cheese ($15.90)

Soft pillows of pumpkin matched perfectly with the earthy, creamy mushroom sauce. The blue vein provided a strong, bitey kick to a dish that was moreish and left us scraping the plate to get every last drop of that sauce.

Filet de boeuf sauce poivre – eye fillet of beef, topped with a green peppercorn sauce, kipfler potatoes and crunchy onion rings ($32.90)

My steak was cooked perfectly, medium rare as I asked. There was plenty of the rich, peppery sauce, onion rings that were not particularly crunchy but still delicious, and simple but well-paired winter vegetables.

Bf asked for his steak to be cooked the same as mine and yet it was completely different. My piece of meat was tender and juicy and easy to cut into; Bf’s still tasted great, but it wasn’t until he hit the centre of the steak that his meal began to resemble mine.

As readers of this blog may be aware, I’m not particularly into sweet foods, but just about everything on the dessert menu at C’est Bon sounds fantastic so we decided to finish off with creme brulee – despite being absolutely stuffed from our first and second courses.

Traditional vanilla creme brulee ($15.90)

A crispy, crunchy topping cracked open deliciously to reveal a rich, creamy vanilla base. It was perfect, and one of the best I’ve had by far. I finished my dinner with the feeling of a satisfying, well rounded dining experience and that a third course was a good decision.

This is a cosy, comfortable, inviting restaurant where the emphasis on family and relaxed yet professional service seems to make the meals taste even better. The food and the space itself are comforting, meals are rich and hearty and the focus on old-school French fare means your dining experience will leave you with fond memories. The C’est Bon souvenir key ring they give you as you leave is cute, too.

396 Bay Street

Port Melbourne

VIC 3207

Ph: 9646 2296


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