Hidden industrial gem: Salford Lads Club

 1 Fennell Street (Cnr Bridge St)

Port Melbourne

VIC 3207

Ph: 0409 543 911

Recently featured in Epicure, Salford Lads Club is tucked away in the industrial part of Port Melbourne, a venue that provides a refreshing change and something different from the cafes that line Bay Street.

The feel here is much more inner city Melbourne than glamorous Port Melbourne – the mismatched furnishings, tyre swing hanging from the tree above vibrant green grass and open kitchen make this little warehouse cafe full of that type of charm and character Melbourne is famous for.  


Good, strong coffees and cute presentation.



Dad and I both ordered this salmon “pie” from the lunch special board – also featured were hearty dishes like the signature steak sandwich and meaty stews. Although I had hoped for some flaky pastry to encase the filling, once I tucked into it I was not disappointed. The pie was creamy, full of fresh salmon flavour, with big chunks of salmon and crisp asparagus pieces.


Indian curry and rice


Prices range from about $8-$15, with a set breakfast menu, pre made and ready to go meals, and a changing specials board. Many of the dishes are pretty much ready to go and just need to be reheated, so expect your meal to arrive quickly, but fear not – the flavours and quality of the dishes are not sacrificed because of this.


The Lads Club has a distinctively Melbourne feel, with an open, rustic, ex-workshop space that reminded me of CBD locations like Seven Seeds. With a liquor license on the way and a plan for tapas evenings on Thursdays and Fridays, it’s a little club with great potential and is picking up a cult following fast.  



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