My Sister Says: No Photos




My Sister Says

118 Bridge Street

Port Melbourne 3207

Ph: (03) 9646 1117




It’s hard sometimes, being discreet when you’re in a cafe gathering content for a review. Sitting on a  stool at the bench at My Sister Says, amongst the Friday morning breakfast crowd, I was feeling very conscious of how small the room was and how many staff there were who could bust me snapping photos. I needed shots, and I couldn’t get them without being really obvious.

So I decided to use my back up student line: “Hi, I study at William Angliss and I’m doing a project on Melbourne cafes, is it ok if I take a few pictures?”

I’ve never had to ask this before. Perhaps, because I am generally dining with others, I don’t normally feel so conscious of my camera, or I can find ways to make it look like I’m taking pictures of friends. I expected the answer to be positive; after all, surely I’m not the only person to ask such a question – Rebecca from Melbourne Cafes Photo Blog says, in regards to permission for photo-taking,  “… (I) just show up and take my chances”. But the answer I got was, “I think that’s going to have to be a no, but you are welcome to use the pictures from our Facebook page“.


So folks, here are my sneaky little iPhone pictures from breakfast at My Sister Says.



You can take your pick of either a seat at the bench or on one of the cosy communal tables in the tiny dining room. Interesting design features all throughout the cafe, like the cutlery presented in a terracotta pot, and the row of spices in jars lining the bench.



 The spot I nabbed for breakfast; this bench soon filled up with busy breakfasters as the morning rush began.



Coffee is great and, if you need to grab it to go, you can knock on the little window at the front of the building – like a drive through for coffee, only “walk-through”. It’s a nice service they’re offering and means you can wait for your coffee in the sunshine instead of around a hot, crowded counter.



A good ham and cheese croissant is made great with the addition of a spicy tomato relish – $6.90.


The breakfast menu offers up different selections to what you may find at other cafes down the road. It’s not your standard breakfast menu with the usual suspects like Eggs Benedict or a Big Brekky; instead, choose from cauliflower fritters ($12.50), chorizo, chilli and feta baked eggs ($14.50), or the mixed bag brekky, with a vanilla yoghurt pot, muesli ‘sprinkle’, fresh fruit, a boiled egg and toast soldiers (13.50). I was pressed for time and had to stick with a simple, quick croissant, but even that was given a delicious twist from the rich, spicy tomato relish that accompanied it.



The room is filled with home made goodies available for purchase, such as the breakfast items shown above (priced around $9.50 each), or the take-home meals in a small fridge in the corner, with options like home made gnocchi, chicken curry, or apple crumble, priced between $14.50-$15.50



The tiny kitchen, tucked away in the corner of the dining room.



On offer at the front counter: a selection of sweet treats like muffins, cupcakes and slices; and ready to go lunch options like toasted sandwiches with pesto topping, or baguettes filled with smoked salmon or rare roast beef.  Sweets are around the $3 mark, savouries around $10.



I dined alone at My Sister Says, and I really enjoyed it. It is the perfect place to sit with a cup of coffee and the paper and ease into the start of the day. Whilst the small room and a busy Friday morning meant I didn’t hog my seat for too long, it was a relaxing breakfast where I enjoyed the cute little touches in the decor, and good, friendly service. Open seven days, the cafe is small but still manages to cater for a wide range of tastes and covers lots of different needs: a quick breakfast, a takeaway sweet to keep you going, a light lunch or a coffee at the “drive through” window. With their ready to go lunch options, take home dinners and desserts and a fresh looking lunch menu consisting of salads, patties, tortillas and sandwiches (ranging in price between $14.50-$18.50), My Sister Says is yet another Port Melbourne cafe that seems to have captured that CBD Melbourne-tiny-cafe-charm and replicated it bayside.

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2 thoughts on “My Sister Says: No Photos

  1. I do just show up and take my chances, normally – but I am still gutted when permission is refused! (I always ask)

    I am leaning towards making contact to seek permission first!

    Love My Sister Says,

    : )

  2. I see that you got permission when you visited My Sister Says! Haha no fair. It’s funny that people might turn you down, you’re taking photos that highlight the great design or attractive features of the venue, not reviewing them and possibly saying something negative.

    Love the blog Rebecca, beautiful images 🙂

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