Working for Rue Cler Market

Rue Cler Market – The Shed @ Terindah Estate

90 McAdams Lane


VIC 3221

03 5251 5536

I got a bit of a shock this morning when I checked the date of my last post on this blog. It’s been a while! In the last few months a lot has been going on for me in terms of combining my love of food and writing – including some local magazine work, more on that to come – and one of the latest exciting ventures has been my appointment as a social media/PR consultant for Rue Cler Market on the Bellarine.

This job isn’t like work at all, because I get to write, sample beautiful food in an amazing location, and be around others who are passionate about fresh produce and exciting ways of preparing and serving it.

Rue Cler Market is a catering company that started small and has built up a strong reputation through work with a number of high-profile clients and with the amazing experiences the team provides. It’s Andy Pye’s baby, and he truly does live and breathe this stuff.

Teaming up with peninsula winery Terindah Estate, the two forces have created The Shed @ Terindah Cellar Door and Café, open daily from 10am-4pm.

I’ll be covering the events and everyday happenings at RCM in more detail later, but for now, here’s a little sample of the awesome stuff I get to see, do and taste at this place.

Even something as simple as grilled cheese on toast takes on a new form here, with fresh herbs from the garden added to the bubbling cheese, served on top of house made bread that has that fantastic chewy, almost sweet flavour.

Fresh, fresh carrots – straight from Andy’s garden…

…become this beautiful heirloom carrot salad with Drysdale cheese and fresh Terindah herbs.

Roast organic chicken, seasonal vegetables

Staff lunch – crisp green salad, marinated organic chicken and probably the best, crunchiest chips I’ve ever had.

So far my tasks at Rue Cler Market have been varied, from managing social media accounts to checking out new event spaces in the city, developing media kits and of course, tasting the latest dishes to come out of the kitchen. It’s an awesome place to work at and I genuinely recommend that you get down here and check out the cafe; make a day of it and come down from Melbourne, or if you’re a Geelong resident, Terindah Estate is probably closer than you think. Andy says he wants to build his business up to be one of the best caterers in Australia, and I know he’s well on the way to achieving that.


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  1. Im not sure if you realise that this post is currently available on the user uploaded review website urban soon, and it seems urban spoon is perhaps not the most appropriate forum for “employees opinions”.

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