Special occasion restaurants – Black Bull Tapas Bar and Restaurant

Black Bull Tapas Bar and Restaurant
48 Moorabool Street
Geelong 3220
Ph: (03) 5229 6100

My family and I have a few special occasion restaurants in Geelong that we hit up whenever there’s a birthday or anniversary to celebrate – places like Parker’s Steakhouse, or the (now sadly closed) Surfrider and 2 Faces restaurants. Black Bull has been the restaurant of choice for many of my family’s celebrations over the years; in fact, we love this restaurant so much I can’t believe I’ve taken this long to review it, but my birthday tapas still have me drooling and it’s time to share!

Panza de Cerdo con repollo ($9.00) 

Pressed Otway pork belly, morcilla & pickled cabbage

This dish is excellent: melt-in-your-mouth, tender pork belly with a deliciously salty crackling.

Spanish style potatoes with salsa brava ($8.00)

These potatoes were good, but we were hoping they were going to be more like traditional patatas bravas, the little fried cubes of potato sitting in spicy tomato sauce. It’s my fault for not reading the menu properly – the words ‘patatas bravas’ are obviously not there – but I’d love to see that dish on the menu.

Chorizo al grill con samfaina ($9.00)                      

Grilled chorizo with samfaina

Salchicha de pato con mermelada de cebolla ($9.00)

House made duck sausage, onion jam & raspberry vinaigrette

This was a lovely light dish – the duck was subtle and not too rich, teaming well with the tangy jam and sweet vinaigrette.

Eggplant fritters with tomato alioli ($8.00)

These fritters were great – you wouldn’t want a whole dish to yourself as they get quite oily, but they were delicious crunchy sticks of eggplant with a moreish alioli.

Empanadas de cordero  ($9.00)                         

Lamb empanadas with roasted capsicum romesco

Croquetas con mojo picon ($9.00)

Fried silky cheese croquettes with yellow mojo

Possibly my favourite dish of the night – clean eating goes out the window with these crunchy, crumbed balls of cheesy goodness. The mojo sauce underneath was the perfect addition and we couldn’t resist ordering another plate of these.

Churros con chocolate ($10.00)

The wine list is good here – a mix of local and Spanish wines, plenty of beer and cider, and they make a great sangria – and service is usually pretty spot on. If you’re looking for a quick bite, Black Bull does a lunch special on weekdays from 12pm-2pm – two tapas dishes for $14. They also have a list of main meals at $32 each, or a set menu option for $39 per person, but I think the best way to go is ordering rounds of these tasty little plates and trying a bit of everything – it’s more filling than you may think and it’s much more fun to share.


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